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Goal Setting & Training Tips w/ Adam Diem

Dirty Kitten Radio “Cat Chat” Episode 22: Goal Setting & Training Tips w/ Adam Diem (Carpe Diem Endurance Coaching)

Coach Adam lives in Cleveland, OH with his wife and kids. He is the Founder & Owner of Carpe Diem Endurance Coaching, as well as the Event Director for both Roughneck Gravel Roubaix & Rock Oil Foliage Frenzy (Oil Valley Endurance).

In this episode, Alex and Adam discuss goal setting and training tips specifically for our Dirty Kitten Winter Training Series (DKWTS) participants, but the info applies to everyone.

Step 1 - Set a goal: Be specific, but make sure it's realistic & achievable

Step 2 - Be Accountable: Write it down or announce it to someone else

Step 3 - Make a plan: Commit and follow-through!

Step 4 - Practice, Practice, Practice: Sharpen the ax

Step 5 - Assess & Reflect: How did it go? Was I able to achieve my goals?

What are your goals? What’s the plan? How are you going to approach and achieve them?

Coach Adams's top goal setting tips:

  • Break it Down - daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, biyearly, yearly

  • Narrow the Focus - select 1 or 2 key items to focus on at a time

  • Create Strategies - consider nutrition, wellness, sleep, mental health

  • Set Supporting Goals - mini goals/steps for larger goals

  • Commit to It - accountability, registration, travel plans, etc

  • Sharpen the Ax - practice, practice, practice, and practice some more!

  • Have a Back Up Plan - create a Plan B, C, D, etc if things don’t go as “planned”

  • Constantly Reassess - self-assessment, reflection, adjustment, challenges

  • Reflect - final reflection & follow-up

“Training is testing and testing and training; training is racing and racing it training”

Goal Setting
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Dirty Kitten Radio “Cat Chat” Episode 22:

Goal Setting & Training Tips w/ Adam Diem

To find out more about Coach Adam & Carpe Diem Endurance Coaching (CDE), visit their ⁠website⁠. To learn about the Roughneck Gravel Roubaix, visit the event ⁠website⁠.

For more Dirty Kitten info, visit our website:


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