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Looking for cycling routes (road, gravel, mtb) in and around Frederick County as well as the Mid-Atlantic region? Visit our Basecamp/Dirty Kitten RideWithGPS page.

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The "Vuelta a Frederick" route is a perimeter tour of Frederick County, MD designed and tested by Chris Howell of Dirty Kitten Productions/Basecamp Frederick. It has 3 ride options: 70 miles, 100 miles, 145 miles. The routes are 100% on Frederick roads, highlighting the differing terrain and scenery the county has to offer.

  1. Vuelta Fondo (70 miles, 5100 ft elevation)

  2. Grand Tour (100 miles, 6900 ft elevation)

  3. Perimeter Ride (145 miles, 10700 ft elevation) 

"The perimeter ride is a 145 mile route that closely traces the Frederick County border while remaining 100% within Frederick. Frederick riding offers so many different types of terrain and scenery, this ride has them all.

Explore the mountains on the western side of the county from the Potomac through the Middletown Valley all the way to the PA border. Go ahead and resupply in Emmitsburg, you're going to need it as the north eastern part of the county does not have many services. The scenery changes from tree covered climbs to rolling vast farmland. While you may have left the mile long climbs behind, be aware that this part of the county has some wicked rollers and plenty of elevation change to tackle.

At about 110 miles make a slight detour from the route on 144 to stock up at the Mount Airy Food Lion. If the temps are right, a treat from Jimmie Cone will hit the spot as well! At this point you will be hitting the home stretch. The rollers remain, but are accompanied by some more trees and shade. Be cautious in this part of the county, you will hit some of the busiest roads(comparatively speaking) on the route. All are safe to ride, just stay alert.

If you are feeling peppy at just under 130 miles, you will pass the entrance to Sugarloaf Mountain. It's a Bonus 1.5 mile climb to the top, the views are pretty cool and you'll want to say you did it!

Stores and water are marked on the map. Gravel roads are marked in blue. All can be easily and safely ridden on a road bike with 25mm tires."

Click HERE for RideWithGPS route info 

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BaseCamp Frederick

Basecamp Frederick is the sister organization of Dirty Kitten Productions (under the CFH Adventures & Events, LLC umbrella). It provides resources for cycling (road, mountain, gravel), hiking, and other outdoor activities in the Frederick County, MD area.


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