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Dirty Kitten Racing is a grassroots, WTFNB cycling team (gravel, mountain bike, cyclocross, adventure) with riders from across the United States and North America. Our team and events work together to support WTFNB (women, trans, femme, non-binary) riders and under-represented groups in the cycling community.


Dirty Kitten Racing evolved from Vanderkitten-Entourage Racing which began as a women’s off-road cycling team with title sponsors Vanderkitten & Entourage Talent Associates. It is now its own entity.

PHILOSOPHY: All WTFNB individuals and humans deserve equal opportunity and parity in the sport of cycling.


MISSION: To promote, support, and empower WTFNB individuals in the sport of cycling.


  • Equity - advocating for equal rights and opportunities among all human beings regardless of race, sex, nationality, ethnicity, language, religion, or any other status (this includes actively opposing racism, sexism, discrimination, and human rights injustices)


  • Empowerment - promoting and supporting underrepresented and marginalized groups in cycling


  • Inclusion - recognizing and embracing diversity among all members of our cycling communities





  • To promote WTFNB “off-road” riding primarily across the cycling disciplines of Gravel, Cyclocross, and Mountain Biking (XC, Enduro, Downhill, Endurance)

  • To empower WTFNB riders to step outside of their comfort zones and try new cycling activities

  • To promote team partners & sponsors at events, in our communities, and on social media 

  • To create strong, lasting community connections (locally, domestically, internationally) 

  • To mentor beginner and developing riders (both juniors and adults) 



  • We will compete and participate in events at the local, regional, domestic, and international levels (amateur, masters, and pro/elite)

  • We will direct, promote, sponsor, and/or support WTFNB cycling events in and around our communities (such as camps, clinics, races, rides, talks, meetings, podcasts, etc.)

  • We will attend cycling events throughout the country

  • We will curate interesting, inspirational, and informative social media content that promotes both the team and its brand partners/sponsors



  • Compete in National & International events

  • Race throughout the United States & North America

  • Send riders to international competitions and events (Europe & Asia)

  • Continue to host and support events/initiatives that promote the development of WTFNB cycling both domestically and abroad (clinics, camps, races, rides, etc) 

  • Support Devo/Junior/U23 teams and programs for young, female “off-road” cyclists

Rider Requirements & Expectations

Riders commit to…


  • Compete or participate in at least 10 events (depending on distance & discipline) throughout the year as a representative of Dirty Kitten Racing in conjunction with our team partners & sponsors

  • Purchase at least 1 team kit or select team apparel (at cost) in the current year’s design along with any additional apparel as it becomes available

  • Race in and present on the podium during awards in official team apparel

  • Promote and represent the team along with the official team partners/sponsors (see above), supporters, and associated brands in a positive and enthusiastic way throughout the year during both training and racing, as well as on social media and in any other forms of media (online, television, radio, interviews, podcasts, personal website or blog, etc) 

  • Actively interact and engage with team members, ambassadors, sponsors/partners, and supporters at events and on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc)  

  • Attend at least 1 Dirty Kitten Racing/Gravel event or partner event during the year (Elite riders). Assist with team events, sponsorship promotions, marketing, fundraising, and merchandise sales (however possible)

  • Support team riders, promote WTFNB cycling, show dedication to team values/mission/philosophy and give back to the larger cycling community locally regionally, and nationally through various volunteer efforts throughout the year (when possible) 

  • Submit appropriate photos, videos, and other forms of media for team and sponsor/partner usage throughout the year (please provide permission and “photo credit” when necessary)

  • Submit written “race reports” or comments post-event and in a timely fashion via email or messenger for public and social media usage

  • Provide information to team management on any personal partnerships, sponsorships, or ambassadorships outside of those listed above as official team partners/sponsors




Alex Forte Howell

Sarah Williams

Valerie Hyrman

Kari Hutson



Em Bhoo

Ivy Petersen

Julie Woodburn

Kristy Roz

Jess Sikorski

Angy Snoop



Paulette Trinh

Ashley Fruhwirth

Sarah Garrett

Molly Tiesma

Amanda Headlee



Michelle Rucker

Sharon Finkbeiner

Abby Shalekbriski

Kate Phillips

Ceileigh Engelke


Mia V

Anna F

Juli B

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