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DKR "Cat Chat" Ep. 14: Event Directing & Other Business Stuff

"All you need is an idea, a desire to make it happen, a willingness to ask for help, and a plan."

In this episode, Dirty Kitten Racing team members, Alex & Kari, discuss some of the ins and outs, ups and downs, and crazy experiences involved with race/event directing along with other event "biz” stuff. Find us on Spotify HERE!

Kari recently directed a cyclocross race at John Bryan State Park in Ohio and Alex just got back from a trip to Tempe, AZ for the 2022 Outspoken Women’s Summit hosted by Feisty Media.

Collectively, Alex & Kari have been directing, hosting, and managing different types of events for almost 20 years. Kari is on year 9 as a cycling race director while Alex is on year 5 for cycling but year ?? for other types of events (including races, clinics, camps, and other activities).

EVENT DIRECTOR TIPS: Start small and keep it simple! Do what you’re able to do well (a.k.a. know what you’re good at/strengths...and what you're not so good at/weaknesses). Volunteer at other events for experience. Treat your staff & volunteers well.

Thank you to our sponsors & partners: Champion-System, Entourage Talent Associates, Wolf Tooth Components, HandUp Gloves, Lizard Skins Cycling, HiFi Wheels, and Smith.

*Photo Credit: Bruce Buckley (#1); Jeffrey Jakucyk (#2)


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