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Desert Gravel

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Rexy 100 Gravel Race Report (10/8/22) - by Ivy Pedersen

"One Dino reigns supreme - Rexy, Queen of the Desert! A Point-to-Point ride from Moab, Cisco, or the Utah border to Downtown Fruita, Co. Amazing gravel, bonfire finish, food, beer, & music."

The Rexy Race starts in the ghost town turned artist community of Cisco, UT and after 100 miles of desert gravel/dirt roads, ends in downtown Fruita, CO.

I started in the front of the race and spent the first couple miles trading pulls with a few other riders. After a section of medium rollers, I looked back and realized that our group of six had ridden away from the rest of the race!

When we hit the dirt, the eventual race winner attacked, and two others followed him. I was left in a group with two guys that were riding steady, but faster than I wanted to up the hills. There was a pretty big headwind though, so I did pushed to stay with them and help when I could on the flats.

We all rode together for about 20 miles, and I finally got dropped on a climb. I rode the last 75 miles alone. I saw a big snake and an antelope, but no other riders until the finish line. It was a lonely, but nice sunny day and a fun event!

1st Place Woman



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