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Everything is better with friends!

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Sacramento Cyclocross: Race #3 Race Report - Orangevale Park, CA (10/22/22)

by Ashley Fruhwirth

As I have never said but am about to: there’s only one way up - you gotta go down first.

I felt really strong and finally got a decent start this season (yay!) after a dismal two years of “unprecedented events”. I had the goal to beat a few of my strong friends and I was on track to do that until I decided to go a little TOO hard around a grass corner. It was one of those crashes that happen so fast that you aren’t even sure what the hell happened. I watched from the ground as my targets passed me. I jumped back up and held my breath until I knew my bike (and my body) weren’t broken. Just a little blood. Bike shifts. Onward.

I never did get my mojo back, but I also never had the nagging voice in my head tell me I should just give up. The reason I crashed was that I pushed my limits. That only happens when I’m improving and hungry so you know what?? I’LL HAPPILY TAKE IT!!

Having my teammie Paulette at this race and seeing her school us all on riding up the stairs was another highlight of my day. Everything is better with friends!

Photos by Jeff Namba (1,2,3), Reed Jackson (4), Hilda White (5,6)


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