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Bikes, Business, and Boss Babes

DKR "Cat Chat" Episode 15 - Boss Babes: Starting Your Own Small Business w/ Fae Floral

Dirty Kitten Racing team members, Alex & Molly, discuss taking the leap to start their own small businesses. In 2021, following the pandemic, Molly left her job to follow her passion and start her own floral business: Fae.floral (woman & LGBTQ+ owned) in Michigan.

In 2019, after moving to Maryland and getting married, Alex left her teaching job to pursue her passion and start a cycling event production company: Dirty Kitten Productions.

In this episode, Molly & Alex discuss the challenges and freedoms of owning a small business and being their own bosses (aka. Boss Babes).

*Molly's Small Business Owner Tip: "Be real with yourself. What is your passion? What is your motivation? The passion has to be there."

Listen to the podcast HERE on Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

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