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DKWTS: Resolution Kitten Update

DKWTS Live Stream

Join us on Sunday, January 7th @ 7pm EST for a DKWTS Resolution Kitten/Tour 1 - Stage 1 Recap Live Stream on our YouTube Channel, Facebook, and Instagram pages.

New DKWTS Zwift Club Ride: Tuesday Night Zoomies (7-8pm EST)

Join Briar, Ted, and Karl every Tuesday night in Zwift land for sprints, sweat, and mild chaos. This is a challenging ride with multiple sprint segments and climbs. There may be different pace groups (A, B, C); however, banding will be turned ON so everyone can regroup and work together.

Follow the link below to access the ride or join directly from our Zwift Club page. You must RSVP to participate. Late join is available up to 30 minutes after the ride start.



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