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DKWTS 4.0 Rules

DKWTS Rules & Other Important Things You Need to Know:

  1. Have Fun, Be Safe, Don’t be a Jerk!

  2. This is supposed to be a FUN winter training series (i.e. friendly competition)

  3. Any 2-wheeled, non-motorized bicycle may be used (UPDATE: pedal assist e-bikes are allowed but leaderboard metric adjustments will be made to compensate for time, distance, and elevation advantages)

  4. All participants are required to sign an online waiver when registering for the event

  5. Participants must register for and use Strava (free accounts will work)

  6. Participants must authorize the Dirty Kitten Winter Training Series app to sync their Strava data

  7. Rides should be uploaded and made visible (not private) on Strava within 24-hours of the start of the ride. Exceptions will be made for extenuating circumstances.

  8. NO duplicated ride data (i.e. uploading the same ride twice from both Zwift & Garmin)

  9. Ride data accumulation will be restricted based on the average time listed for each category. This will be based on a rolling weekly average during the first 2 weeks of the Tour (i.e. a rider in the Full Purrito could ride 12 hours one week and 8 the next to achieve an average of 10 hours). Full details and additional information will be available on the leaderboard website.

  10. Participants may request a category “upgrade” or “downgrade” at any point during the series as long as the request has merit. Event Directors may involuntarily “upgrade” a participant whose weekly ride time average exceeds the restricted amount for their assigned category. 

  11. Event Directors reserve the right to penalize or disqualify anyone who may be taking advantage of the system (i.e. cheating) or displaying inappropriate conduct toward other participants in the series. We are dedicated to providing fun, safe, and inclusive events for ALL riders. We will NOT tolerate any hateful, disrespectful, or inappropriate language/actions at our events. 

  12. A 24 to 48-hour “protest period” will follow leaderboard updates after each Stage & Tour

  13. Additional bonus points will be awarded throughout the series

  14. Awards and prizes will be determined at the end of the series

  15. Sorry, no registration refunds or transfers

Participation in this virtual series is AT YOUR OWN RISK. By signing the online waiver, participants agree to follow the appropriate “rules of the road” (or trail) wherever they ride, as well as adhere to proper state/regional/municipal bike usage and safety guidelines. Dirty Kitten Productions, Dirty Kitten Gravel, Dirty Kitten Racing, the Event Directors, BikeReg, Strava, Zwift, and all event partners/sponsors are released of any liability during the entirety of the series. 


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