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DKWTS 3.0 - Dirty Kitten Winter Training Series 2023 FAQs

"A fun, friendly DIY/virtual training series that provides motivation and competition during the winter for anyone and everyone interested. Ride ANY bike, ANY where, ANY time!"

  1. What is DKWTS and how does it work? - The Dirty Kitten Winter Training Series is a multi-week DIY, virtual challenge that provides motivation and competition for anyone and everyone through the winter (Jan-March). Participants can ride "any bike, any where, any time" (indoors or out) during the series and score points based on a variety of challenges and personal goals.

  2. Who can participate in DKWTS? - Anyone & Everyone! It doesn't matter who you are or where you live. As long as you have a bike (road, gravel, mountain, stationary, etc), you can participate in the series.

  3. How are rides and data tracked for DKWTS? - We use Strava to gather and track participants' data then filter it through our custom, online leaderboard based on the weekly challenges and cumulative series points. (All DKWTS participants must have a Strava account - either free or paid.)

  4. What data is collected and used for the series leaderboard? - When participants register for the series, we request access to their Strava account to collect data for the duration of the event (Jan-March). We can only access what we are given permission to use. Based on each weekly challenge, we track ride time, ride distance, and ride elevation. In addition, there are times when we may ask participants to submit "cross-training" activities (non-cycling related data) during the series for special bonus points.

  5. Do I need a smart trainer to participate? - No. You can ride your bike outside or inside on a trainer, as well as use a stationary bike (i.e. Peloton); however, the primary data points we capture for the series are time, distance, and elevation. NOTE: Some trainers and stationary bikes won't record elevation.

  6. Can I participate with friends, family, or teammates? - Yes! In fact, we run a "team challenge" during the series so the more people you get to join, the more chances you have to win Overall Team Challenge points. Tell your friends!

  7. What if I can only participate in part of the series? - That's OK! You will still have to register for the full series, but you will only receive points for what you do. The primary objective of DKWTS is to provide a fun, friendly, semi-competitive challenge for participants to stay motivated and active through the winter so we encourage folks to do what they can and focus on their personal goals.

  8. Are there prizes & giveaways? - Yes! We have overall challenge prizes, as well as weekly giveaways throughout the series so everyone has a chance to win. One of the things we enjoy is working with other events. Thanks to our event director friends, we have a number of FREE entries to giveaway during DKWTS each year.

  9. How do I register? - Online registration opens December 1, 2023 on BikeReg. The series begins January 2, 2023 and runs through March 12, 2023.

  10. Who can I contact with questions? - Visit our website for more info. If you wish to speak with someone directly, send an email to


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