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Dirty Kitten Gralley Cat

"It's like being a kid again: Riding for the sole purpose of fun & adventure" - DKGC Participant

April 23, 2023

So...What’s a “Gralley Cat”?

Think Gravel Grinder + Alley Cat. An “alleycat” is an unsanctioned, informal, underground bike race that traditionally takes place in cities and urban areas where participants race from one checkpoint to the next in an effort to complete all challenges and/or hit as many locations as possible.

The Dirty Kitten Gralley Cat (DKGC) is a “choose-your-own-adventure” gravel event on the grounds of Locust Hill Farm & Preserve (LHFP) in Rapidan, VA. Instead of following a set course from start to finish, riders select their own route and make their way around the property, visiting multiple checkpoints along the way. Both competitive and recreational riders are welcome.

The DKGC "course" is approximately 20-40 miles (and 1,000-2,000+ ft of elevation gain) and 100% unpaved. The majority of terrain is on private, gravel, farm roads with some dirt and grass double-track sections (a few, short sections run along a quiet, local gravel road--Robinson River Road/Rt.721). The gravel varies from smooth, groomed roads to rough, choppy sections with the possibility of mud if there is rain.

At DKGC, participants have the choice of riding either the “short course” (~20 miles) or “long course" (~40 miles) individually, in pairs, or as small teams. All riders are given a map of the course prior to their designated start time on which the checkpoints, course boundaries, and key navigational points are clearly marked. After visiting all checkpoints, riders return to the start area where their scorecards are verified and finish times recorded.

Nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Locust Hill Farm & Preserve (LHFP) encompasses over 5,000 continuous acres of privately-owned land. This event explores LHFP on private, gravel, farm roads that run along the Robinson River, pass serene creeks and ponds, weave through open fields, and cross wooded forest trails. The area is truly an adventure cyclist’s dream as well as a beautiful wildlife haven.

2023 Dirty Kitten Gralley Cat photos can be found HERE. Check out the latest episode of the MidAtlantic Gravel, Travel, & Dirt podcast for a Gralley Cat Recap.

For more information about our Dirty Kitten Gravel events, visit our website.


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